5.2. Safe water and sanitation

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provision agua seguraAccess to safe water in the disaster zone has a definitive impact on the health of the affected population. For that reason operating plans developed in the preparedness stage should be put into motion. This first of all requires a damage assessment and needs analysis (DANA) of water and sanitation systems.

The DANA will be used to make a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the functioning and operability of systems and services, and to define measures needed for the systems’ rapid recovery, as well as possible ways of providing alternatives to the affected population while service is recovered.

Chapter 3 of the publication Emergencies and disasters in drinking water supply and sewerage systems: guidelines for effective response, discusses the DANA process for these systems. In the annexes of this publication you will find forms to assess the various components.  (Consult the complete guide for more information.) This manual on water quality helps staff that undertake routine field activities related to surveillance of drinking-water supplies in developing countries, with a focus on rural drinking water surveillance programs.

Finally, the chapter of the Sphere Handbook beginning on page 81 details the minimum standards in water supply, sanitation and hygiene promotion.