2.3. Training

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capacitacionNo plan will succeed unless it considers the continuing education and training of health workers and the general population. The health sector’s national disaster management program is responsible for promoting ongoing training activities in different areas:

  • Health workers: Knowledge of preparedness and disaster response, in a general context and in the area of their specialty, should be a part of the job description for health workers. They should be trained in basic areas such as first aid, specific search and rescue tasks, and/or others. The implementation of continuing education in the health sector should be compulsory.
  • Educational institutions: From primary school to the university level, introducing educational contents on hazards, risks, and prevention can have a multiplier effect in the population.
  • Other sectors: Inclusion of health subject area to training activities in other sectors.
  • General public: The health sector’s program conducts awareness campaigns on prevention and protection against disaster situations.