2.1. Contents of the plan

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The principal elements needed to prepare a Local Emergency Plan for the health sector are:

  • Current situation.
  • Response procedures.
  • Activities for improvement.
  • Monitoring and evaluation.

The contents of the disaster preparedness and response plan should be clear and concise, and oriented to practical, operational activities that are designed according to the resources and capacities available at the national, regional, and local levels. Fundamental minimum contents of an emergency preparedness plan.

The guidelines in Community Involvement in Preparedness Planning and Response give health workers and members of the Emergency Operations Committee practical recommendations to facilitate their work in disaster preparedness. It presents the principal elements involved in preparing a Local Emergency Plan for the health sector. It includes the community as part of the preparation process, and provides models of messages to send to the community before, during, and after a disaster (see the guide’s annexes for the models).

A great deal of material exists to support the development of specific plans. Costa Rica’s National Emergency Committee has developed a manual that assists communities to develop and test their own plans. The Family Disaster Plan and Personal Survival Guide helps to identify hazards and vulnerabilities, for use by households. Finally, the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Disaster Situations in the Caribbean has a chapter dedicated to a Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Plan for Emergencies.