3.2. Epidemics and pandemics

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3.2.4. Cholera

Cholera has caused several epidemics in the Region of the Americas. Between 1991-1994, beginning in Peru, it spread in South America, causing 1.04 million cases and nearly 10,000 fatalities.

More recently, in October 2010, cholera emerged in Haiti, where, as of December 2011, it was responsible for over 5,800 fatalities and nearly 389,000 cases in a population already vulnerable due to the earthquake.

3.2.5. Dengue

Dengue has again reached endemic levels in different parts of the globe. Due to gradual reinfestation by the mosquito that transmits the disease, dengue has again become a severe problem, not only for health, but for economies as well.

Latin America and the Caribbean experienced widely or rapidly fluctuating patterns of intense dengue activity during 2010. Climatological patterns have been favorable to the proliferation of Aedes aegypti, even at unexpected times of the year. As of epidemiological week 44 of 2010, the region had reported 1,536,899 cases of dengue, with 35,455 severe cases, 807 deaths, and a case fatality rate of 2.28%.


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