5.4. Preliminary indicators

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Achievement Indicators

  • Number of new safe hospitals versus total number of hospitals built.
  • Number of safe existing hospitals versus total number of hospitals identified as priorities (according to critical areas, square meters of space, beds, capacity, etc.).
  • Number of hospitals that continued operating given the number of intense phenomena that occurred.
  • Health networks that continued to provide services after a disaster

Progress indicators

  • Existence of standards and specific design and construction codes for health facilities.
  • Existence of mechanisms that facilitate quality control (procedures, institutions, expert groups).
  • Number of vulnerability assessments (of both facilities and networks) conducted.
  • Number of skilled or certified professionals.
  • Safe hospital certification processes conducted.
  • Inventory of health facilities.
  • Technical material prepared, compiled, and systematized.
  • Criteria for prioritizing study of and intervention in particular health facilities: type of care, hospital size and scope of treatment capacity (distances, distribution of personnel, complexity, risk zones, construction data, population served.


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