Disaster preparedness in the health sector

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preparativos desastresThe health sector plays a key role in emergency and disaster preparedness and response. Timely and efficient intervention to the health care needs of the populations affected by a disaster is one of the highest priorities in the overall management of major emergencies and disasters.

The objective of disaster preparedness is to guarantee that systems, procedures, and resources are readily available to provide rapid and effective assistance to victims, thus facilitating relief activity and the restoration of services.

This module describes the principal elements of preparedness in the health sector that must be addressed, as well as the components and processes that must be taken into account in preparing response plans. For more detailed information, see chapter 3 on natural disasters and health protection, which also includes guidelines for strengthening the technical areas that are essential to effective response capacity.

In this section:

4. The emergency committee and situation room
5. Health response teams
6. Care of populations with special needs
7. Response to chemical and radiological emergencies
8. Training programs
9. Assessment of preparedness
10. Evaluation of preparedness and risk reduction