Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

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rehabilitacion reconstruccion

This chapter is provides guidance for the health sector in the period following the emergency phase of a disaster and describes the areas that should be given priority.

Known generically as recovery, this period includes the phases of rehabilitation and reconstruction, which aim to reestablish the living conditions of the population affected by the disaster and promote the changes needed to reduce the risk of future disasters.

The chapter describes the essential policy matters and technical areas involved in defining the responsibilities of the health sector—the needs, priorities, and elements that deserve attention in each phase and that guide planning to strengthen the sector to deal with future contingencies.

Rehabilitation phase:

Identifying the areas and activities that must receive the highest priority if health facilities, programs, and essential services that are necessary to continue to meet the health needs of the affected population are to regain their functionality in the short term.

Reconstruction phase:

Identifying, proposing, and developing medium to long-term health sector projects, taking advantage of the opportunity presented by the disaster to introduce corrective measures that improve the sector’s infrastructure and operation in the context of sustainable development. The goal during this stage is to diminish risk by altering exposure and/or reducing vulnerability.


In this section:

1. Introduction
2. Rehabilitation
3. Reconstruction
4. Case Studies