2.3. Inter-country actors in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Collaboration and partnerships with regional disaster management and coordination bodies (in Latin America and the Caribbean) account for significant advances in all aspects of disaster risk reduction:

  • In Central America, the Center for the Coordination of Natural Disaster Prevention (CEPREDENAC), created in 1988, is an inter-governmental organization that promotes and coordinates international cooperation and the exchange of information, experience and technical and scientific advice on disaster prevention, risk reduction, and response. CEPREDENAC is a specialized agency of the Central American Integration System (SICA). Through a regional dialogue and in line with Central America’s Strategic Plan for Disaster Reduction, CEPREDENAC works to a) promote vulnerability reduction as an indispensable element of the development process; b) expand the participation of other sectors and civil society; c) strengthen local capacity for disaster risk reduction; and d) improve disaster response capacity at local, national and regional level. Read more about CEPREDENAC’s multi-year plan for disaster risk reduction (this is available in Spanish only).